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The importance of self-love

It’s that time of year when the stores are stocked with cards, flowers, and chocolates as we express our love for one another on Valentine’s Day. No matter the gesture, whether small or large, it feels good when the person you love shows just how much he or she loves you. But what about when it comes to self-love?

Self-love relates to happiness and helps you appreciate your life. When you have high self-esteem - and know you are fulfilling your purpose in life - you tend to experience more joy and therefore have a more positive attitude.

Engaging in mindful practices such as meditation allows you the time and space to accept challenges. Through exercise, you are able to care for your body and mind. Meditation and exercise also provide mental and physical health benefits such as reduced stress leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Meditation is great for the nervous system. It literally soothes the nerves.  The nervous system is affected by anxiety, tension, fatigue, and depression. Meditation also slows down the heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure easing our fight or flight functions which evolved for hunting and gathering, not day-to-day stresses.  When you meditate and your breathing slows down you’re likely to take deeper breaths. With deeper breaths, you take in more oxygen, which in turn improves circulation and the flow of nutrients around the body.

So, whether you’re celebrating on February 14 or not – with a loved one or on your own – make sure take a little time for yourself. Do whatever makes you feel loved, whether that means a moment of relaxation, exercise, or healthy meal.

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