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Chiropractic treatment for scoliosis

Scoliosis is an abnormal curving of the spine and can be debilitating if not diagnosed and treated properly. Severe cases can be painful and may limit day-to-day activity.

The curves in our spine help the upper body maintain balance and alignment. However, when there are abnormal side-to-side curves in the spinal column, this is scoliosis.

There are a number of causes of scoliosis, which include but are not limited to, congenital spine deformities – in other words those that are present at birth and either inherited or caused by the environment - genetic conditions, neuromuscular problems, and limb length inequality.

As we head into summer and the children are running about the garden, playing with the hose, take five minutes to check your son’s, daughter’s, or grandkid’s as there are several symptoms to look for to help determine if someone has scoliosis. The earlier that scoliosis is diagnosed, the sooner it can be treated, and often times the negative curves can even be reversed. If you notice any one or more of the below seek consultation from your family chiropractor.

  • Shoulders are different heights
  • Head is not centered directly above the pelvis
  • Appearance of raised hip
  • Rib cages are at different heights
  • Uneven waist
  • Changes in look or texture of skin overlaying the spine
  • Leaning of body to one side
  • Rib prominence when bent over

Chiropractic treatment for scoliosis involves consistent, hands on, adjustments. The aim is to realign the muscles, bones, and joints. Chiropractors use a number of techniques to help improve the curvature of the spine from traditional methods, being a similar approach to what would be used for any patient experiencing back problems, to scoliosis-specific adjustments. With chiropractic treatment for scoliosis it is possible to see positive results from those who have already had surgery, those wishing to avoid surgery, and youngsters who have only recently been diagnosed. Exercise and balance training can also help in the treatment of scoliosis, combined with chiropractic care.

If you are concerned about any of the above, or have been diagnosed and want to seek advice about chiropractic treatment for scoliosis contact our clinic and book an appointment.

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