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AlignLife of Springfield patient testimonial

We’re so pleased Jackie has seen great results following her treatment at AlignLife of Springfield Chiropractic & Natural Health Center.

Here’s Jackie’s chiropractic story in her own words.

“I first came to AlignLife of Springfield experiencing frequent severe migraines, numbness, and cold sensations in my hands and numbness in my foot all on the left side of my body. I was maxing out doses of over the counter migraine medications, and still was unable to get out of bed with them. I was feeling stressed and felt I had little control of my days when I'd get a migraine.
After a consultation with my doctor, I decided to try treatment at AlignLife. A friend had highly recommended Dr. Willey. I appreciated the consultation, diagnosis, and treatment plan options. I felt I was being given thorough treatment and care from those initial appointments. Dr. Willey is very encouraging and straightforward about taking ownership of my progress and sustaining it together.
I quickly noticed improvement in my hand and foot after a few sessions with Dr. Willey and very infrequently do I feel numbness in those areas anymore. The greatest difference I feel is that significant decrease in the frequency and severity of my migraines. These improvements made through Dr. Willey's care have certainly changed my life. I am able to take a low dose of migraine medication if I do get migraines and function normally. I no longer panic if I do feel a migraine beginning because it is now manageable and I don't have to worry if I'll be down with it all day.
Finally, the care, compassion and genuine friendliness of the whole staff create the welcoming and comfortable, yet professional, atmosphere. I had several massages from Emily Handley, which were therapeutic, relaxing, and helped significantly. Maggie Covington is great to work and schedule with, always understanding and accommodating. I brought my kids to several appointments and they would argue over whose turn it was to come with me.
Dr. Willey is genuinely kind, caring, and encouraging. He is informative and direct, at the same time understanding and flexible. This allowed for me to be honest and comfortable asking questions, which I think led to great communication and positive results. I have already recommend AlignLife to others and will continue to do so.”

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